March Update

the Manual and Help buttonsThe game is still missing a bunch of assets (both art and music), but the user interface is basically complete. There’s a first draft manual, and the game has been winnable for some time. So we’re starting to look at tuning and polish.

QA is still rigorously testing every scene. 89% are completely tested, and most of the rest have at least some coverage.

We’re still finding plenty of bugs, though usually you can keep playing (that is, they’re not severe enough to crash or prevent progress).

Part of the tuning process has been figuring out what the game still needs. I just added a new scene this week, which is one of the reasons it’s still hard to talk about a release date.

Author: David

Creator of Six Ages and King of Dragon Pass

8 thoughts on “March Update”

  1. I’m extremely excited for the finished product! I’m sure it’ll be amazing.

  2. This is off topic, but the runes should have the same line thickness.
    Also man/food more complex to carve (round shapes, more lines), look like a more recent rune for a more recent concept, but it’s ok, could mean modern-food-science.

    1. Well, the Sartar book says about the Man rune:

      This Rune represents the humanoid shape, and is common among all intelligent humanoid races. Some other races interpret it as “slave” or “food”.

  3. So excited to see this! 🙂 Although eagerly awaiting the release, I’m glad to see the team is clearly putting a lot of thought and care into balance/polish and making it an excellent game when launched.

    Can you talk a bit about the eventual possibilities for modding? If your scripting language isn’t too hard to learn (as it seems from your previous posts) I’m hoping it may be possible for players to edit/add their own scenes and events.

    1. Some of the ways the scripting language has changed under the hood make that possibility non-zero (unlike KoDP). But support for user-generated content would still be a pretty significant development effort, so it’s not a priority at all right now.

  4. If this is being released on iOS would it be accessible to blind gamers like king of dragon pass

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