One Step Build

I just now made build 365, which seemed as good a number as any to mention.

One way I’ve improved the development process is to have an easy way to post a copy of the game for the rest of the team to test. With King of Dragon Pass, this was basically a manual step. Now, there’s a script that increments the build number and does a clean build, then copies it to a web site. It also uses rsync to copy any script files to a Dropbox folder, so QA has easy access to the corresponding source.

This isn’t build automation (it’s not automatic, like Travis or buddybuild), but it’s painless. The basic build takes about 40 seconds (uploading is more variable). And it does mean we pass one of the steps in the Joel Test. Our builds aren’t daily (since we’ve been at this more than a year), but they are at least frequent.

Author: David

Creator of Six Ages and King of Dragon Pass

7 thoughts on “One Step Build”

  1. That’s great!! Hope it is coming along nicely!! This game is on my top list of games I need to get:)!!! Keep on sharing this awesome info!! As a C.S. Major with an emphasis in game design of love herring problems and tactics!!!

    1. Glad to hear it, I know some people don’t care about the process posts, but this *is* a development blog…

    1. Obviously we want to have the game on as many platforms as possible. We’ll talk about what we can deliver when we’re sure what we can deliver.

  2. Publish it wherever you like! I wound up finding this game mentioned on some site or the other about 4 or 5 years ago grabbed it up on GOG then found out it had an iOS version so I could play it during boring classes in highschool 😛

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