Gold Master

The PC (i.e. Windows and macOS) version of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind has reached “Gold Master” status!

While we are not actually shipping a CD off to manufacturing (like we did 20 years ago for King of Dragon Pass), we have a build that we can submit to Steam and GOG for their approval and release process. This also means that reviewers can be looking at a final build.

To get to this point, Rusto Games has been busy fixing bugs. And we’ve had our own QA testing as well as very helpful beta testers trying to find bugs. (QA also has the task of making sure bugs are actually fixed.)

The final phase is working with our publisher to make sure the stores are set up for release on 17 October.

Author: David

Creator of Six Ages and King of Dragon Pass

10 thoughts on “Gold Master”

  1. All the best sir..i recommend that sir..there s a way..when the game released..let it flows..then you may update the game version..sir..can i suggest sir..adm..put up a clan meeting to discuss all minor n major the clan leader personal advisor..meaning 3rd option..tq with picture of their meeting the nxt update version..bug fixing..thanks

  2. Congratulations, looking forward to adding this to my existing KoDP/Six Ages multi platform collection! 🙂

    1. The specifics are very long and very technical and very complicated but the game does not work except on Windows 10. We certainly wish that weren’t the case. Sorry!

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