Looking For a Few Playtesters

Update (28 October): I just invited the next group of playtesters, and have a good number of people in reserve. Thanks for your interest!

We’ve been testing and tuning the game for a while, and are ready to ask for a little more help.

What we need from you:

iPhone or iPad

While we plan to support other platforms, we are currently using TestFlight to manage testing. So you’ll need a device running iOS 9 or later.


We’re hoping to find testers who have enough time to play the game. We’re still trying to get a sense of how long it takes, but QA is reporting at least 12 hours for a complete game. (We don’t need you to win, though it’s certainly helpful to get the full picture.) The more you can play, the more we can learn.


The more you can tell us, the better! You’ll be able to send bug reports from the game (which include a wealth of information), but subjective feedback is crucial too. We need to hear what doesn’t work, as well as what’s fun.


We still don’t know when we’ll be releasing, so we ask our playtesters not to discuss the game in public.


We’re still tuning the game, so we don’t need a lot of active playtesters at any one time. We might hold off inviting you until we need more fresh eyes.

What we don’t need:

Experience with King of Dragon Pass

Although a lot of the game is similar, we need to make sure it stands alone.

Knowledge of Glorantha

Like King of Dragon Pass, Six Ages is set in the fantasy world of Glorantha. But we hope it is self-contained, in terms of giving you enough information.

Experience with games

If you’re interested in playing an interactive narrative that has both story and clan management, you’re eligible. The game is very different from just about everything other game, so familiarity with any particular genre doesn’t help.


While the more you can play the better, we don’t expect you to play obsessively for weeks and weeks. (You’re welcome to, but don’t feel like you have to beat the game on every difficulty level or earn every achievement.)

How to volunteer:

Send us email to bugz «at» a-sharp.com with the subject “Six Ages Playtest.” Include the type of iPhone or iPad you’d be testing on — we are mostly interested in game play issues, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a variety of devices.

Author: David

Creator of Six Ages and King of Dragon Pass

10 thoughts on “Looking For a Few Playtesters”

  1. Nice to hear that it runs on iOS 9, the final version our iPad2 can support. Hopefully it will also work with the iPad2’s hardware (512MB RAM etc, which is now low end).

    1. I don’t think anyone is actively testing with that device but I just verified that the game works on one. We certainly hope to be as widely available as practical.

      1. Good to hear! I expect it will have fewer problems running on older hardware than bleeding edge 3D games.

        Thinking of the iPad2’s 1024×768 screen versus newer iPads, I hope you scanned in the artwork at high resolution, just in case future screens get even higher definition. Maybe also do a 3D depth scan to get the texture of the paint on future tactile displays, seems silly now but consumer hardware (Microsoft Kinect, iPhone 8) can already do 3D depth measurements using “structured light” techniques.

  2. Will the game also be released on Windows at launch? Most of us don’t have Iphones (and/or don’t want to play such games on phones).

  3. Exciting to read that the game is this far! I don’t have time to commit to playtesting, and to be honest, I prefer to experience the game in its final form.

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