Concept Inspiration

Raven ConceptSomewhere along the line, Jan Pospíšil drew a concept sketch that I liked, but that didn’t seem right for a member of the player’s clan (which was the original thought).

Recently, Robin Laws and I were going over the interactive scenes that are currently in the game, and figuring out what was lacking. He came up with a new scene that seemed like it perfectly fit the sketch.

So the scene is now written and coded, and we’ll be doing a full illustration based on the quick design. Sometimes good concept ideas never make it into the game, but I’m glad this one can.

Author: David

Creator of Six Ages and King of Dragon Pass

2 thoughts on “Concept Inspiration”

  1. I like it!! Guess we’ll have to speculate about a tribal/native faction now 🙂

    It seems like some of the best bits of creativity spawn from unexpected origins. Like when a bug becomes a feature. Was there any beloved scene/feature/detail in KoDP with ‘unexpected origins’?

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