Header Runes

The runes in the header correspond to the seven personal skills in the game. They’re slightly different than in King of Dragon Pass, since we won’t have quite as big an emphasis on farming. Animals and Plants have been combined into a single skill, Food. And since it’s a clan-level game, we added Diplomacy as an explicit skill, rather than just averaging Bargaining and Leadership. (Bargaining, Combat, Leadership, and Magic are the same. Custom is renamed to Lore to reflect a wider use.)Trade, Death, Harmony, Man, Mastery, Truth, Magic

Most of the skills had fairly obvious runes (Combat = Death, Magic = Magic), but the Food skill gave me trouble until I remembered this:

ManMan rune
Meaning: Mortal humanoids
This Rune represents the humanoid shape, and is common among all intelligent humanoid races. Some other races interpret it as “slave” or “food”.

HeroQuest Glorantha, p. 17