Word Gets Around

In Six Ages, your relationships with other clans are vital. The game tracks a number of factors for each clan, including how much they like and respect you, any slights they hold against you, and whether they have a formal alliance or feud.

These factors are all dynamic. They’re adjusted not only when you interact with a specific clan, but also when you do something that is likely to be newsworthy and spread to other clan. For example, in one event a combat hero can gain the respect of a clan and its neighbors. This OSL code handles that:

otherClan.fearsUs += 40
otherClan.likesUs -= 40
# all clans adjacent to otherClan .fearsUs +=20
a = AdjacentClans(AllClans, otherClan)
foreach c in a {
    c.fearsUs += 20

Other events have even wider impact (this one on all Rider clans):

# LikesUs+=3 * q (all Hyaloring otherClans)
h = HyaloringClans
foreach c in h {
    c.likesUs += 3 * q

But these are just numeric values. As Sin Vega discovered in her attempt to play as a petty jerk, your deeds can earn you a more specific reputation:

“We are known for our rudeness”, says the lawspeaker later that year. It’s nice to feel appreciated.

“We are known as backstabbing weasels”, says the lawspeaker at Sacred Time. I might have gone too far this year.

These reputations reflect a suggestion (case 8801) from our QA lead Liana Kerr, who wanted a way to give players a stronger connection to their clan.

Behind the scenes, there are a number of trends or events that you can become known for. A single act of mockery towards guests won’t give you a valley-wide reputation for rudeness. But they accumulate, and if you keep at it, sooner or later this will be the most significant thing you’ve done. By the same token, attacking your allies is a shocking breach of tradition and protocol (not to mention good sense), and that gets everyone’s notice. Over time though, any of these can be less notable in people’s memory if you no longer do them.

Our explorers visit the Great Glacier

So each “known for” item has a numeric value, which indicates its significance. Visiting the Glacier is a big deal, but not as unusual as managing to defeat the Alkothi. But if you raid several times each year, the raid score will accumulate until it outweighs defeating the Hell Men. Or perhaps by then that feat was too far back to matter any longer, since the score for each item is reduced every year.

An advisor says, “The clans of the valley know us for our many shrines.”

An advisor says, “The clans of the valley know us for having heroic clanfolk.”

Most of these actions are also tracked numerically through the standard relationship system (if you can defeat the Alkothi, you will gain much respect throughout the Valley), but others are a great way to reflect other player accomplishments like temple building or nurturing heroes. And the next chapter, “Lights Going Out,” will have items specific to its story. It’s a flexible system (we added several more late during development), and is a colorful and concise way to comment on the player’s story.

Author: David

Creator of Six Ages and King of Dragon Pass

8 thoughts on “Word Gets Around”

  1. Interesting ! Will the reputation of our clan in the first game be taken into account in Light turns out?

    1. We figure you’ll have done other things in the generations between games. But many of your deeds will be remembered.

  2. I love the game and have played it through dozens of times. But oh why oh why did you add that ugly stripe at the top of event pictures (at least in 9.7 iPad)? I think they were much better looking without it…

    1. 9.7 inch iPad should be a 4:3 aspect ratio and everything Pat Ward designed fits nicely. Larger iPads have a different aspect ratio, and the two bad choices were to leave space at the top or crop. I tend to favor art over UI. If you are seeing something different let us know (bugz AT a-sharp.com), with a screen shot and a screen shot of Settings > General > About (or report it from within the game per the FAQ).

  3. My bad, I meant 10.5 inch iPad. Before the latest update there was no thin frame at the top, but now there is. No bug obviously but I liked the frameless look much better.

  4. This makes me want to replay the game. Unlike KoDP I managed to win the game on a very early playthrough and, quite attached to that clan, set the game aside waiting for Lights Going Out. But now I want to go explore the edges of the world more.

    When LGO launches, will there be a way to review your own clan’s history, after a fashion? To remind me of the major events of that particular playthrough?

    1. You can keep any number of saved games (on whatever device you played, or the Steam cloud).

      Right now only a little of your deeds makes it the new Lore entry in your saga. Partly that’s because it is hard to tell what’s significant, partly because your previous saga isn’t that relevant to game play (generations later). And partly because one deed can be a bit of a spoiler.

      I will see if there is any good way to show more, or have the previous saga available.

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