Some Notes on Porting

Many games can be brought to new platforms with some careful attention to the user interface on the new device. In fact, I’ve done this twice (adding iPad support to King of Dragon Pass, and adding iPhone support to Battle of the Bulge). You may need new art assets, and certainly a bit of new coding. But most of the game code is identical.

Back when I started working on Six Ages, this was my plan. Basic development was on iOS, in part because the tools were more reliable. I had experimented with two different solutions to bring that code to other platforms, and was optimistic that I’d be able to just rebuild the game. Then I’d be able to polish it, add support for platform-specific achievements, and start a new testing cycle.

Things didn’t work out as I’d planned. Both of the porting libraries I had expected to use were discontinued (one formally, one not formally abandoned but clearly not viable).

So instead of just recompiling, we were faced with rewriting. That’s a way bigger hurdle. And that’s why it’s taken longer than our original plan.

Achievements screen shot: “Most Recent Fort builder”

I’ll discuss this in more detail in the future, but we’re pretty much at the point of adding support for platform-specific achievements. QA has been testing the port, and we hope to bring in outside beta testers soon. Our publisher has suggested that people interested in testing the game sign up on Discord. If you’d rather wait until the last bugs are out, wishlist the game on Steam or GOG.

Author: David

Creator of Six Ages and King of Dragon Pass

6 thoughts on “Some Notes on Porting”

  1. Hi David! I still have my KoDP t-shirt and still wear it regularly. You gave it to me back in Seattle when snapped my 1st KoDP CD, then bought a replacement CD from you in person for $5. I still have that replacement CD too.

    I’m down for beta testing Six Ages on PC. I have 2 decrepit 11 year old business class laptops that are nevertheless running Windows 10 Pro with no issues. Took a little driver elbow grease but I’ve kept going with them. They definitely count as MINIMUM SPEC systems. I mod Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri with them all the time, I’m a bit old school. Currently in concept stages of a RPG project of my own.

    1. Hi Brandon, like I said we’re probably going to be running the beta through Discord. I don’t know what our actual minimum spec is, though most of QA’s screen shots are cut off because the screen is so small.

      1. I am monitoring your Discord via the web. Truthfully I hate the Discord desktop app and deleted it, because it would just pester me, with various low value servers I tried. I’m a Usenet / web forum / Reddit / long form email kinda guy. Not too chatty. 🙂

  2. what about android port? i don’t want a release date but i want know if its gonna be out or just IOS i don’t have a IOS phone and i don’t plan on buying one

    1. Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.

      I will note that neither Windows nor macOS are iOS.

  3. Maybe a good lesson here… don’t use bloody iOS for anything 😛

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