Chapter Two

Although it’s a bit of a gamble, I’ve begun working on the second game in the Six Ages series, “Lights Going Out.” This will continue the story of your clan generations later, as Chaos invades.

Development is moving on three fronts. Robin Laws and I have been mapping out the overall story, and have a list of over 150 possible scenes to support it. A small art team is working up concept art for your clan (which has changed over the years) and several new cultures you may encounter. And I’ve started coding, to make sure that games saved from “Ride Like the Wind” can indeed be opened and continued.

This is basically all preproduction. There’s no formal schedule yet, though given the scope of the game it will surely take at least a year of solid production work.

But it looks as if things on all three fronts will work. So I recommend that if you have completed “Ride Like the Wind,” you keep at least one game, so you can write the next chapter of your clan’s saga.

P.S. This work is not impacting the schedule to bring “Ride Like the Wind” to more platforms.

Author: David

Creator of Six Ages and King of Dragon Pass

5 thoughts on “Chapter Two”

  1. Oh, we are expected to have a completed game and not wiped out our clan at some point.


    I’m so good at destroying my own clan, though.

    1. No, you can play every game completely independently.

      You still have quite some time to master the first one, since we’re still in preproduction. My point was, when you do win, don’t rush to delete that save.

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