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Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind comes to the iOS App Store on 28 June, with preorders starting 21 June. It will sell for US$ 9.99.

We’re currently developing the game for other platforms, and expect to release them next year.

To get a taste of the game, you can watch our launch trailer.

Although we have a build approved for the App Store, we’re still fixing bugs and making small changes. There’s not much time left before launch, so we’re trying to triage issues to make sure they aren’t likely to break anything unexpectedly, and that QA will be able to verify that the change actually works.

We’re also still busy revamping our web site and marketing.

Our plan is that Ride Like the Wind is the first in a series of six related games. You’ll be able to play them in any order, but the idea is that you can continue the story of a clan through the ages.

The designers of King of Dragon Pass, David Dunham and Robin D. Laws, have refined the classic game.

Compared to King of Dragon Pass, play is both simpler and richer. You’ll get to make more decisions in combat, and can appease an assortment of spirits as well as build shrines to your gods. You’ll explore an unknown land about four times as large, and can choose a special action to perform each year. Food production is less complex.

Of course, you will still have advisors with unique personalities, and will follow their stories over multiple generations. Your cows will show your prestige. And you’ll be able to visit the land of the gods.

We’re working hard to do the last final polish, so you’ll be able to enjoy the game at the end of the month!

Author: David

Creator of Six Ages and King of Dragon Pass

30 thoughts on “Release Date”

  1. PC and Android release at 2019 ?
    Sigh, I’m disappointed.

  2. I don’t have any iOS device, and yet this announcement has made my day.

    Kodp is a truly unique game, and I have no doubt Six Ages is going to be just as good, if not better.
    Best wishes for the development team.

  3. Super disappointed to learn it won’t actually be playable to me or most people for quite a while… Was hoping to get a real release, but from my perspective it’s no different from saying that there’s a bigger beta team now.

  4. Come on, sure you can port it to Android before next year, right?

  5. No Android? Well, hope iOS purchases funds the team and keeps them going for the port.

  6. Bittersweet announcement. Patiently waiting for you to port the game so I can partake eventually. I wish you all luck with the iOS release in the meantime =)

  7. Good luck! I hope this game will be unique and fun, and will sell really good.
    I will really enjoy the PC release next year since the game will look beautiful on a big screen.
    Also the idea of having a series of six related games is amazing: I hope you will make great games.

  8. Was it ever announced you were developing this primarily for iOS? I don’t have any iOS devices, so this is pretty disappointing. I was hoping I’d be able to play it on PC.

  9. When you are essentially a one person studio, sometimes things don’t come out the way you planned. I understand the disappointment, but I would have been more disappointed if I couldn’t release anything at all this year.

    1. All the best with the release David. I have been following this blog since Day 1, and while I can’t say I love how priorities have sorted out platforms, this business needs to work for you first. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any games.

      Godspeed with the PC/GOG/Steam release!

    2. I think you’re making the right call. I remember Sirlaim II releasing on multiple platforms on the same day. The Android port had some interface bugs that made it largely unplayable at some resolutions. The multi-platform release meant it took a while to sort out those bugs. If the Android release had been delayed then those bugs could have either been caught earlier or at least addressed sooner after the Android launch.

      1. Excellent!

        I’ll be installing it on my iPhone 6s on release day. I’ve been playing the Humble Bundle Android port of King of Dragon pass on my Nexus 9 for ages.

  10. Great news!

    Many years ago I got a CD of KoDP mailed to me, and I enjoyed it for countless of hours. When I noticed it a year or two ago on modern platforms I got the IOS, Android and both the Steam and GOG PC versions.

    I have an old iPad (3, I believe), so I will get it on release. I will also get it on PC/Android whenever those releases are. If that will help towards continuing this Saga with five more releases, I might do it twice or more. 🙂

    Good luck and godspeed!

  11. I’m glad the iOS version is the first to appear. I’ve always thought KoDP was best suited for mobile, especially for iPhone, a whole epic saga in your pocket.

    I hadn’t realised that Six Ages would actually be six games! That’s great! Having seperate chapters bypasses the “problem” that the game has to go through the same bottleneck every playthrough.

    I love what I see in the new trailer. Battle seems to have a lot more options, branching out. The visuals of the map have improved beyond recognition. Even the artwork seems better than KoDP’s!

    Yes, I think this one is going to cause some ripples in gaming history.

  12. This announcement has made my day. will it be accessible with voiceover? If you need help you can get in touch with them appleBis community

  13. David:
    Questions, how will the future 5 part of SA works with this release?
    Are they individually episodic like telltale, or they act as dlc add ons to ride like the wind?

      1. Hmm.. so are they individual sequels that you can somewhat port your progress to another age? (Something like mass effect)
        Or the different age are a continuum of a same world at different time period with things that you’ve done in previous age have little to none relation?

        1. Not really that familiar with Mass Effect but that sounds closer to what we plan:

          you can continue the story of a clan through the ages

  14. Literally just finished the amazing Oddmar a few minutes ago. All set for Six Ages. That’ll be my next game. And with the conclusion to The Banner Saga later on, it’s apparently a good year for viking games ; )

    1. Pet peeve: no matter what their marketing department says, Banner Saga is not a Viking game. I haven’t played Oddmar, but it didn’t look like any Viking saga I’ve read. (I wouldn’t say my games are Viking games either, though the sagas definitely were an inspiration.)

  15. Looking forward to it! Too bad we have to wait until 2019, but there’s no hurry. At least we can watch let’s play videos on Youtube soon.

    I do hope the economic aspect to the game as as deep as in King of Dragon Pass, because that was an important element, together with the scenes, of course. And with the overall mythology-history. The scenes and choices that I saw in the trailer looked nice. Improving the combat was a good idea as well. Only the simplified agriculture worried me a little bit. Oh, well, we haven’t heard anything about any of the mechanics in comparison to King of Dragon Pass yet except these hints, so we’ll just wait and see. Yay!

  16. Whooohoooo, its here, i just checked back in and i thought i missed the launch after all the wait and following this blog regularly. But only a day late. Not finish my thesis till monday and than it is your game vs summer. I probably will sit under a tree with my iPad somewhere and explore both summer and mobile gaming at once.

    Congratulations on being ranked #3 in RPGs (at least here in germany) , Baldurs Gate 2 being on sale is sort of cheating, as is having cats in that other game, hahaha. I hope this pays of well for you so you can create many more games as wonderfull as KodP!

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