Otherworld Art Completed

Two Otherworld beings hold handsTonight I received the final two pieces in the “otherworld” art style.

The game has a lot of art and we’re still working on the other elements, but it’s nice to be able to mark something else done.

Author: David

Creator of Six Ages and King of Dragon Pass

3 thoughts on “Otherworld Art Completed”

  1. After lingering for a long time, I’m finally compelled to break the silence after a surge of anticipation regarding the release. I’m constantly impressed with the ability of this game to present me with novel experiences, especially since I’ve won at long and short games more than a few times (and lost miserably significantly more times than that).
    Is there any chance you’ll do a crowdfunding option like Kickstarter in the future? If not, will there be opportunities to purchase any sort of cool memorabilia from your development phase? I would love to snag something to hang on the wall in my office.

    1. At some point I need to write about crowdfunding — it’s actually not a simple solution which is why I haven’t written yet. Kickstarter is a possibility but there are tradeoffs.

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